Tayyar Bayrakci - CEO & Inventor

B. Eng. Renewable Energies – Electrical Engineering, Master Shipbuilder

During his studies of electrical engineering with a focus on renewable energies, Tayyar first came into contact with the topic of vortex flow. As a former master boat builder (15 years experience in his own company), this topic aroused his interest both professionally and practically. Tayyar subsequently came across the previously unused potential of fluid forces for the purification of water containing particles. He continuously built up knowledge in the field of fluid dynamics and finally developed a first functional prototype, which he now wants to bring to series production in his role as CEO with CyFract GmbH. Doing all that he remains true to his motto "Deeds instead of words" and keeps demonstrating this every day in his work on the experimental setups.


Dennis Strobel - CTO

B. Sc. Aviation and Aerospace Technology

Dennis started early on to work with prototyping in his workshop. This interest was strengthened and further developed by his studies as an engineer for aerospace technology. Tayyar and Dennis got to know each other during their studies and CyFract won another team member 2 years ago. Through his previous training as a process mechanic and further training in LEAN management, Dennis has sufficient know-how to lead the technical development. True to the motto "Never Surrender", you can recognize his ambitions, not only at work, but also in his private life a feeling of determination arises.


Florian Obermeier - COO & CMO

B. Sc. International Business Studies

Florian discovered his interest in project management and product development during an internship at a Chinese shoe factory of Adidas. From shoes he went back to the automotive sector in his home town of Munich, where he has been working for almost 9 years in projects and finally as team leader for a consulting and project management company. As an interim manager he helped several companies with the industrialization of technically complex products and now brings this experience to CyFract, where he also takes care of marketing. In his private life, Florian can be found in the table tennis center, on other racket sport courts or as a spectator at the home games of 1860 Munich.


Johannes Meyer - CFO & CSO

Diploma in management and technology

Johannes discovered his interest in project management as an interface between technology and business during his studies. Via his own business plans, he went into the automotive sector, where he has been working in projects for almost 9 years and most recently as team leader of a consulting and project management company. In addition to his work as interim manager for innovation projects, he helped several companies as a consultant in the implementation of budget & controlling processes and now brings this experience to CyFract, where he also takes care of sales. In his private life you can meet Johannes in the climbing gym or with his children on the playground.