Clean WATER!

More than two billion people worldwide have no access to clean water.In addition to damage to health, this leads to exclusion and discrimination. For this reason, the United Nations has set itself the goal of making clean water and sanitation facilities accessible to everyone with the Social Development Goal (SDG) #6.

Climate change also presents us with the additional difficulty of securing the supply of energy and water in the long term. Both challenges are closely linked: Power generation requires a lot of water, for example to cool plants. The water supply in turn requires a high level of energy input. This is because water must be purified at great expense for use in agriculture, industry or as drinking water.

Existing technologies rely on filter systems to remove suspended solids from water. However, the organic processes of scaling and fouling damage the filter materials. In order to provide continuously clean water, these technologies therefore require cleaning cycles. In addition, the filter membranes must be replaced regularly. This results in high maintenance costs and requires investments in backup capacities.


WAter Treatment:
Inexpensive – ENERGy EFFIcient – environmentally friendy

CyFract is a patented cyclone separator based on the principle of cyclone flow fractionation. Our technological approach represents a radical innovation: At a mature stage of development, CyFract realizes a cost-effective and environmentally friendly separation of particles from incompressible fluids. This enables affordable water treatment, even in remote regions of the world.

The advantages of Cyfract

Low susceptibility to failure and wear
Energy efficiency
Inexpensive production through 3D print
We have developed a prototype to proof shown that the CyFract principle can be implemented. In the next step we are working on developing and manufacturing a pilot plant.

Best of CyFract